Be Careful When You Go To The Beach, This Is Dangerous And Can Kill You Especially If You Don’t Know How To Swim – Tom Sawyer Memes

Be Careful When You Go To The Beach, This Is Dangerous And Can Kill You Especially If You Don’t Know How To Swim


When you go to the beach, be cautious and watch the ocean first particularly to the individuals who don’t know how to swim.

On the off chance that you see a space crossed between the waves, don’t plan to go in to swim. That is a RIP current. One of the greatest hazards to sea swimmers. These fearsome, undetectable current can pull swimmers or waders well far from shore and result in thousands of drownings and near misses a year.

Rip Currents are powerful channels of quick moving water. As per the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, they move at speeds of up to eight feet for every second and can move faster than an Olympic swimmer.

A family in Florida discovered this out the most difficult way possible when a few children were gotten in a rip current. Relatives who attempted to save them were caught also, before a human chain comprising of more than 80 individuals pulled them back to shore.

Watch the video below to know how Rip current happens and how to escape with it.

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