Interracial Couple Who Went Viral Online is Living Proof That Forever Exists – Tom Sawyer Memes

Interracial Couple Who Went Viral Online is Living Proof That Forever Exists


Nowadays, an ever increasing number of people are being judged in light of their physical appearance. We may not let it be known, but rather there are times when we’re getting to be racists due to the standard of beauty that we’re all believing in and all the unwritten rules. However, while most people nowadays are judging someone base on his appearance, there’s this beautiful lady who proved that true love still exists.

A lady named Lucy LuvElla broke every one of the stereotypes as she gladly posted the pictures of her and her family.

She posted photos of her on social media and simply like what most people expected, individuals immediately noticed that she’s white-skinned and beautiful while her husband other has a brown complexion and is just a normal looking man.

Beside that, many individuals quick to stay that the man was lucky enough to discover such excellent woman. In any case, rather than feeling down because of how people see their relationship, regardless they proved that what they have is true love, truth be told, they as of now have a baby which serves as the fruit of their love!

In a couple of snapshots, Lucy could be seen possing with her ‘small family’. Their little girl looks so charming and it’s really obviouse that their genes mixed.

This fair demonstrates there are still a few people out there who broke the stereotypes just to prove that true love does exist.


Source: manilaflash

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