Taiwanese Man paid $2,754 for Housekeeping and Brushing His Employer’s Tortoise – Tom Sawyer Memes

Taiwanese Man paid $2,754 for Housekeeping and Brushing His Employer’s Tortoise


As indicated by reports, he once worked at an restaurant with a monthly salary around TW$ 30,000 (USD 1032).

What precisely is the best job on the planet? What does it take to be viewed as the best job there is? Obviously, the pay should to be great, and the best would be when employees get to enjoy time to themselves every now and then.

A Taiwanese man surnamed Lee turned into a internet sensation after information regarding his job went public. Evidently, he was being paid a hefty amount for a very basic task—brushing and cleaning his employer’s tortoise. His housekeeping schedules include cleaning the house, getting of any pest and running a few errands for the family.

Aside from normal housekeeping tasks, he is additionally needed to brush and clean his boss’ tortoise. However, he just works 10 hours on his duty day, and just needs to go to do the housekeeping duties twice every month—for $2754 for only 20 hours of work!

Lee used to work at a restaurant where he was paid not as much as half of what he as of now gets. Thanks to his good luck, he managed to land a job as a housekeeper for a wealthy family who promised him a lucrative pay.

“Many families in Taiwan have dual incomes. Since both the husband and wife need to head out to work, they have no time to take care of their home. This is where housekeepers like us come in to help sort things out,” Lee said.


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