‘World’s Hairiest Girl’ Shaves Her Face For The First Time To Marry Love of Her Life – Tom Sawyer Memes

‘World’s Hairiest Girl’ Shaves Her Face For The First Time To Marry Love of Her Life


17-year-old Supatra “Nat” Susuphan holds the world’s title for the hairiest lady on the planet and has been nicknamed after Star Wars character ‘Chewbacca’.

Obviously, Supatra was experiencing an uncommon disorder called ‘Ambras’. Her face and whole body is totally shrouded in hair and shaving it can be a significant accomplishment. Nonetheless, Supatra’s father Samreng has confirmed that however regardless she experiences Ambras Syndrome, she began shaving her face and body after marrying the person who has turned into the love for her life.

She has all amazing and lovely things to say in regards to her better half. It was taken to Facebook where the caption of a picture read, “not just my first lover, you’re the love of my life.”

Before the Ambras Syndrome was understood, sufferers were branded ‘werewolves’. She was shunned and regularly bullied by others, calling her a werewolf among different names. In any case, for Supatra, her furry body is a gift, and she never neglects to smile and laugh like others. “Being hairy makes me special,” she said. Truly, a standout amongst the most exciting moments of her life was the moment when she was crowned the hairiest lady on the planet.

Supatra is just one of only 50 known sufferers of Ambras Syndrome, a condition caused by a flawed chromosome. Only around 50 individuals on the planet are known to have experienced Ambras Syndrome since the middle ages. Supatra was 11 when she won the Guinness World Record of the hairiest young lady on planet Earth in 2010.

Source: viral4real|Youtube

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